Murals and Paintings

Bug and Floral Mural. Acrylic on wall. 24X 36

Personalized Children's Artwork.Acrylic on canvas. 18X 24

Personalized Children's artwork. Acrylic on canvas. 18X 24.

Oranges. Set of three. Acrylic on canvas. each 18X24.

Winnie the Pooh. Acrylic on wall. 24X 36.

Peter Rabbit. Acrylic on wall. 24X 36

Playhouse Design. Lifesize Playhouse for children.

Playhouse Design. Front and Side of playhouse. Design based on "candy" theme-appeals to both genders, and this playhouse can be taken apart and put back together in numerous varations, so the design needed to incorporate that detail.

Nursery Baby room Mural. Acrylic on wall. Based on bedding detail.

Nursery Baby's Room Mural. Acrylic on wall.




Painting, Product Design, Murals